Posted by: quilnib | February 18, 2007

Who Knew?

Who knew that second semester would be so much better than the first? Second semester isn’t just a little bit better, it is ridiculously better than first semester.
Here are some of the reasons:

1. I no longer have a possessive, controlling, manipulative girlfriend.

2. I have started to work out and exercise.

3. I slightly improved my wardrobe with great results.

4. The female community seems to be much more interested in me.

5. My dorm finally looks like a dorm.

6. I can finally be social and go out (refer to #1).

I’ll go into more detail about these things. #1, I had a very controlling girlfriend living three and a half hours away and believing that i would cheat on her any chance I got (I never did cheat on her, so I don’t know why she believed this). For example, I would be on the phone talking with her and say “hey there is something going on at 7:00 and i kinda want to go” and she replied “are there going to be any girls there?”,me-“well of course there are going to be girls there, it isn’t an all male event”, her-“then I don’t want you going!”. That was a semi typical conversation. A more typical conversation would include me getting in trouble for something stupid, like not leaving a message on her facebook wall for awhile. I don’t mean that she would be a little ticked, i mean that she would be furious! There were reasons why I didn’t leave messages on her wall very often (which if you read #6 will become very obvious).
#2, I finally started working out, and I feel great. The problem is that if you want to be in shape you have to go to the gym, but to go to the gym you have to be in shape. So before going to the gym you have to try and get into good enough shape to be seen in the gym. Well I finally just said “screw it I don’t care what they think I need to do something to try and stay healthy” and started working out in the gym. After only a week I saw results and after four I am very happy with my decision.
#3, My brother is a chick magnet and I could never figure out why. Many of his female friends say after meeting me that I look just like him, act just like him, have the same sense of humor, and even tell stories the say way as him. I couldn’t figure it out, so I decided I needed to make another change. I bought some nicer looking shirts and made my self a very unique look necklace (if they meet you at a party and see the necklace as something unique it will be much easier to remember you later, it is also makes it easier to catch someones eye). I knew how to look good I just never really put much time into it before. Just the shirts alone made a huge difference, wearing a casual dress shirt every once in a while and to parties looks nice without looking like you are trying too hard. When you know that you look better you feel better and people really notice that, attitude is key!
#4, probably partially because of #3 and also #2 I have been getting much more positive attention from girls. Last week, valentine’s day week, I received a secret(I don’t know who sent it) private invitation to a sorority party. The members each chose a person to have invitations sent too, so that means one invitation per person. Which also means that I somehow caught someones eye. I had to say that I couldn’t go though because the weekend earlier I had randomly met (there is a very interesting story, but I am not going to tell you about it…sorry) a girl at a party and so far seem to be hitting it off. On valentine’s day we went to a local coffee shop and sat and talked for about 4 hours! So I don’t want to seem like I am perusing other interests. Anyway, I really like this girl and I want to ask her out and just need to get up enough nerve to do it, but she seems to actually like me which is great.
#5, When I got back from winter break I had some new things to add to my dorm. I finally got a TV, a better rug, and a table. Then I rearranged the room to maximize space (which included stacking the fridge and microwave, organizing my closet, folding down the life size darth vader cardboard figure:(, and shifting a lot of the things that need outlets to be more convenient). I didn’t stop there, I also took the doors off of my closet to make the room feel bigger and ordered a hammock. Yes I ordered a hammock for my dorm room and it is hanging from the ceiling, it was one of the best purchases I ever made! It is great for naps, reading, and it is one heck of a conversation starter. By adding the hammock, table and rug to cover up the ugly tile I took the focus of the room away from the floor which also makes the room feel bigger.
#6, This one is great. A typical day for me first semester included me going to class from 8am-2pm, then I would be stuck on the phone until I went to bed because somehow 5-6+ hours a day “wasn’t enough time” and we “don’t get to talk enough”. well you can imagine how that effects your social life, or rather kills your social life. A good comparison would probably be that my social life looked like it had been hit with a nuke! Silly me believed that when you talk to someone for that long EVERY SINGLE DAY then you don’t really have to send then messages on the internet, but of course I was wrong because she could never be wrong. At this point I might sound a little spiteful, I think that is because I am. I still get phone calls from her where the whole time she sounds like she is about to cry because we aren’t going out anymore(did I mention that she already has a new boyfriend). I also got a phone call from her at 3:00am pretending to be strung out on drugs after I broke up with her in which she told me how bad of a decision I made and how someday I will realize what I did and want her back. I know she was pretending to be drugged because I called her an hour later to make sure she was okay (because I am still a nice person) and she pretended like it never happened. I did realize what I did, I chose to have a healthy social life and give myself time in the day to do things that needed to be done. I am much happier now that I cut the strings from the puppet master, without this I would never have been able to do any of the other things on the list and I would still be miserable.

I never meant to write so negatively about my ex, the focus was supposed to be about how this semester is better and not why the first one wasn’t that great, but I do feel better now.


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