Posted by: quilnib | November 7, 2007

New ID

I had the privilege of driving to Madison today to get my dependant’s military ID replaced, because mine had expired. First off, the guy who made the IDs mumbled something fierce so I couldn’t understand him half the time. Anyway, I told him right away that some of the information on the card needed to be updated, because if you don’t tell them they wont change any of it(the last time the information was updated was in 1999). Well he ignored that. Then when he asked me to sit in the chair for the picture, I smiled so it wouldn’t look like shit. He actually laughed at me, he laughed at my smile and my face. In the course of his job he will run into thousands of faces and this mumbling piece of shit laughs at mine. I wanted to yell at him right there, but all I needed was my new ID and then I could leave (this guy had given us crap before and I didn’t want to deal with anymore of it). So now I am a 19 year old who is 5’2″ weighs 127 pounds, and has a smile that makes some idiot laugh at me. It has been a wonderful day!


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