Posted by: quilnib | February 15, 2008

A Walk-about

Ok, so I switched my blog to wordpress now. I’ll be able to check stats and how many people have visited and fun things like that. Woot.

I’m already planning my spring break. I’m going for a “walk-about.” Basically I’m going to go back packing and not really worry about how I get somewhere or if I am even following a trail. I’ve already got the pack and the sleeping bag. The important things I still need to get include a tent, compass, and a map. I figure I’ll just pick a point and head to it. If it looks like I wont make it back to school walking then I’ll head to the nearest city and hop a bus. I’m figuring there will be a lot of trespassing, because I’m not really going to care where I’m walking. It’s going to be an adventure and hopefully I’ll have lots of stories. Nine days on my own, walking through the occasional town and testing my skills with a compass and a map. What could be more fun? Lets just hope I don’t run out of food and that it isn’t ridiculously cold.


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