Posted by: quilnib | March 11, 2008

A Chocolate Diversion

I decided earlier today that I needed a hair cut. Several people told me that there was a place on Water street I could go to. I found two of them and neither was open. It was only 5pm and they were already closed (or in one case, remodeling). So I found a way to treat myself so the trip didn’t feel like a total loss…

I ate the purply/red one (bottom right corner) first, because I had no idea what it is so I figured I would start with a clean pallet and maybe I could guess it. There was a very soft chocolate center that seemed to have a mixture of raspberry, cherries, and a hint of lemon.

Next is the coconut. This one was very good. The outside was a very dark chocolate (probably around 70% cacao (yes I did spell it right, slightly different meaning)) and the inside seemed like slightly moist compressed coconut. Coconut makes everything taste better. So does making something spicy or free. The best flavor in the world must be spicy coconut that you got from someone for free.

Now hop to the top left for the organic peanut butter chocolate. The peanut butter is what you taste first in this one, followed by the sharpness of the dark chocolate. The peanut butter is super light and creamy and goes very well with the chocolate.

Next up, the Italian liqueur. The chocolate on the outside was extremely thin and the chocolate on the inside had the consistency slightly thicker than that of pudding. I could taste the remnants of the alcohol (unlike popular opinion, the alcohol is almost never cooked off completely. If fact, most of the alcohol is usually left after cooking). From my limited experience with alcoholic beverages it reminded me most of wine.

The double chocolate with nibs was next. Wow, this one packs a punch. They weren’t lying when they said “double chocolate.” The nibs actually offer a toffee like texture with a pure chocolate taste.

I saved the wasabi chocolate for last because if it really was hot I didn’t want it to effect the other chocolates. This one was not very enjoyable. I do enjoy wasabi, but apparently not in my chocolate. I will not be buying this chocolate again.

My top two were the Italian liqueur followed by the double chocolate with nibs. I don’t feel that any of them were worth the $1.85 (each) price tag, but they were enjoyable. When I head to San Francisco I think I am going to try to get myself some excellent chocolate and I’ll tell you how it is.


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