Posted by: quilnib | March 27, 2008

How to stay at the Hilton for free and other exciting things from spring break: Part 1

My spring break started off rather boring. Like most colleges mine kicked me out of my dorm on Friday, but my flight wasn’t until Monday night. So they let me stay in one of the lounges of another dorm building for a few days. After an extremely boring Friday night I decided that I could not stay another two and a half days and started to plan my escape. However, escape plans usually take a little while to fall into place. So, after discovering that the largest study lounge in the building had all of the furniture removed for some reason and also possessed a large hard wood floor, I practiced karate kicks and hand stands for an entire day (I can still be a kid at heart). My sides were very sore the next morning. I woke up Sunday morning at 7am got ready for the day and proceeded to walk to the Ramada Inn, there (after having breakfast) I boarded a shuttle bus for the airport. After arriving at the airport at about 11 I went to the ground transportation area and got a ticket for the next shuttle to Mankato (some of you may know where this is going) leaving at 3pm. Then comes the waiting in a boring airport…until someone asked me about the book I was reading (4-hour work week) and after telling them about it they decided they would buy their own copy along with some for their friends. Then the waiting continued. I arrived in Mankato around 5pm and proceeded to the residence of a “person” to deliver a package. I explored the rest of the town until that same person ,for the first time in about six months, actually called my cell phone. I was feeling a little like not answering, so I didn’t. They didn’t leave a message though and that bothered me some because I once again was being treated like I wasn’t important enough. I called them back a few minutes later and then went back to their home to have the first face to face conversation with them in a long time. The reason this was so important is because phones are easy not to answer and emails or instant messengers are even easier to ignore. Those facts removed my possibility for receiving closure for about six months. Finally I could have a conversation where I could tell if the person was actually listening and they were (they weren’t happy about it though). You should have seen their face when I came walking down the street, it blew their mind that I had walked there and I think it proved an important fact. I can accomplish even the most impossible of tasks. I did this for two very important reasons, I needed closure and it wasn’t fair that I was not allowed to get it and I wanted to do the thing that scared me more than anything else (that is what made this seem so impossible). Every step closer to their house was the new scariest moment of my entire life. Other things don’t seem so bad anymore.

I had taken the last shuttle of the day to get to Mankato so that meant I was stuck there overnight and it was looking to be a cold one. I don’t like spending money when I don’t have to so when I was exploring the town earlier I tried scoping out locations that were open late and would be warm (I didn’t find any). After the little talk I remembered there was a Hilton in that town and proceeded in that direction. I sat in the lobby and read a book until about 2am (the whole time letting the staff believe I was waiting for a ride (they came up with that assumption on their own)). At that point they took pity on me, got me a pillow, and said I could sleep on the couch. I woke up the next morning around seven, got changed in the bathroom, and headed back to the shuttle service to take my nine 0’clock shuttle back to the airport. So I did technically stay at the Hilton for free, I just didn’t get a room.


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