Posted by: quilnib | April 12, 2008

How to stay at the Hilton for free and other exciting things from spring break: Part 2

After getting back to the airport I prepared myself for a long day of waiting. My flight didn’t leave until 7pm and I got to the airport around 11am. I didn’t want to walk around all day with my bags so I got in line to check my bags and get my tickets. When I got to the front I was informed of a wonderful policy that does not allow you to check your bags more than three hours before your flight. So I grabbed my bags and found a nice little corner to sit and read a book. I started the book High Fidelity the night before and ended up finishing it within a 24 hour period. I spend almost the entire day sitting and reading, waiting until I could finally check my bags and pass through security.

Ok, jump to my boarding the plane. I kept really really hoping that I would get to sit next to a cute girl. Everyone who has ever flown knows that you are always put between a nice old lady who you end up having a long pleasant conversation with, and an over weight man who makes you jealous because of his ability to fall asleep within five minutes of the plane taking off. So I’m walking towards the back of the plane trying to figure out where I am going to be sitting and then I see it. A nice old lady and an overweight man, but on the way to my seat the stewardess comes up to me and asks “would you mind switching seats with this woman, she wants to sit near her daughter because it is her first time flying. Her seat is up there.” I look to where the stewardess pointed and to my surprise sitting in the seat right next to my newly appointed one was a very cute girl. On the other side of my seat was an old man who made me jealous with his ability to fall asleep within five minutes of the plane taking off (it happens every time). I ended up striking up a conversation with the girl next to me and the flight went by in a flash. It seemed that everything just kept falling into place, life was good. On my connecting flight from Denver to San Francisco I had an empty seat next to me, and on the other side of that was a nice older gentleman who I believed to be from Scotland. I got into San Francisco and to my brother’s apartment without any other interesting events.

I spent most of my days exploring interesting parts of San Francisco. I participated in some mildly athletic events, and I believed in Harvey Dent until he didn’t show up. I also tried some pretty decent food. Towards the end of the week I could no longer resist the call of the wii and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I almost beat it in just over two or three days. I was also able to experience the joy that is Scharffen Berger chocolate. I ended up spending over $50 on this chocolate, it was so delicious and so worth it. Overall it was a really nice chance to relax and spend some time with one of my brothers.

The return trip is a story all on its own, don’t worry you will hear it soon enough.


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