Posted by: quilnib | May 13, 2008

If she cancels on you five times, you should always try for a sixth

Haha, I love these cards. A “socially deviant teddy-bear” friend of mine commented on a blog of his about a lady friend he is pursuing and I realized I haven’t said anything about my current attempts for a lady friend of my own. For some reason I was crazy lucky and ended up sitting next to an amazing girl this semester in my Sociology class. The first thing she said to me this semester was something along the lines of “This class is so easy and boring.” That was actually the most perfect thing she could have said, because most people complain that a class is too hard rather than too easy and I was feeling the exact same way about the class. I was even lucky enough to put together a study group with her and two other students in my class before the first test, which then happened before every test. Anyway, I finally got up the nerve to ask her out for coffee and she said yes. I was pumped, until she sent me a text message saying that she would have to cancel. I don’t remember what the reason was that time. I was a little disappointed, but after a little while I asked her out for coffee again and she said yes and I was super pumped again, until she sent me a text message saying that she had to cancel because of a group project meeting. So being sad that I was canceled on twice, I decided to ask her out to coffee again a little later and while I did that I also asked if she had anything going on that would cause her to cancel(in a nice way). She said she had a friend from home visiting for part of the weekend, but that they would be leaving by Saturday morning, other than that she had nothing going on for the weekend. Then that night I got a text from her saying that her friend wanted to stay longer and she didn’t want to say no because they had driven so far. So that was cancellation number 3, but this time she decided to reschedule right away for the following Monday. I waited the whole day expecting to get a text telling me that she had to cancel, but I didn’t get one and the coffee thing actually happened. It actually went really really well.

I had no idea what to do at this point though. It’s similar to the whole “how long do I wait until I call” thing. I’ve never had to ask someone out for a second date, they just kinda happen. Either that or the other person asked me out. So I finally have enough guts to ask a girl out and now I don’t know what to do. We had another test coming up so she was at the study group and at that point I decided I needed to ask her out again. Every time I see this girl she gets better and better. The next day during the test I rushed through it as fast as I could so that I would be done before her so I had a chance to ask her out. My rushing through the test might also be the reason I got a C+ on that one. Anyway, I got done before her, had to use the bathroom real quick and when I got out of the bathroom she was in the stairwell on her way out. If she hadn’t paused to take out her ipod I probably would have missed her. I scared myself shitless and asked her if I could make her dinner some time. She is a vegetarian who does eat dairy and eggs, so I figured that it would be really thoughtful to not only show that I can cook, but that

I can cook to fit her vegetarian lifestyle. She said yes and we picked a day. I went grocery shopping and picked up all the things I would need to make my own hummus, I even got some fresh pita bread and then I realized that I should probably make a desert. So a day or so later I got the recipe for s’more pie from my brother, went shopping, and put it together. About an hour after I made the pie I got a

text. Her group project didn’t get as much done as they needed to and they would need to meet again the next day, the day I was supposed to make her dinner. She was really sorry, but at this point I was getting used to it. I was even getting a little discouraged.

A little while later I was on a walk in the rain (because I absolutely love the rain) and decided to ask her if she wanted to join me, but she wasn’t able to due to the fact that she was in Milwaukee for one of her classes. We had our last test coming up and so we were all going to meet in the library and then find a place to study. We were the first two there and we started talking. I was going to try and ask her out again, but before I got a chance she was telling me how she wasn’t going to be really busy that weekend because she had to go home for a funeral. I said “darn, I was going to try asking you out again this weekend.” She jokingly replied “do you want to go with me?”, at least I hope she was joking because I laughed it off. Then we studied and afterward she had to work on a paper. I started to head back to my dorm and realized that I was really running out of chances to ask her out, so I turned around, walked up to the computer she was working on and asked her when she was leaving to go home because I wanted to hang out with her sometime before she leaves. She told me she would send me a message before she left and somehow that became her sharing some of her life cereal with me and

a conversation about ringtones, rescue rangers, Seinfeld, pep-band, and some other stuff. This girl just keeps getting better and it really sucks because I can’t get a date with her. The nice thing is that I have been canceled on so many times now that it is much easier to ask her out because of all the practice. So I am going to try and ask her out again within the next couple days and hope that I’m wont get canceled. Apparently I’m just a glutton for punishment, but if this girl wasn’t so freaking amazing it would save me so much trouble. Before you say anything, she actually was busy with group projects all the times she said she was, she has made several complaints about not being able to have a life because of them and I don’t think she just trying to get rid of me because when we do talk she seems

genuinely interested in the conversation. That and she has dropped small hints about stuff, so yeah.

That’s where I’m at, wish me luck because I might need it.



  1. hey, hey that’s me. that ‘socially deviant teddy bear!’ that’s me!!

    anywhoo, what i have to say about this blog is the following:

    girls, man, fuckin’ girls…

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