Posted by: quilnib | June 12, 2008

Iowa Summer Flooding

Just a quick update for everyone.  The river that runs behind my dorm for the summer is currently at 29ft and still rising.  It is considered a flood when it reaches 12ft.  The dorms wont be hit with the flood even if it goes far beyond the predicted peak height.  I’m staying at the house of one of my former bosses and we are well out of the way of any flood danger and as you can tell from my being able to post, we still have electricity.  Here are some pictures of the water levels behind the Armstrong/Douglas dorms as of yesterday afternoon (the 12th).  As you can tell the water would still have a long way to rise to reach the dorms, but P-plant is under water.  Sadly P-plant is where they house most of the critical systems for the campus inlcuding water, heating/cooling, servers, power and I’m sure there is lots more.  You can click on most of the photos to see larger versions of them.

Cancer lake does not currently exist


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