Posted by: quilnib | November 4, 2008

Why I’m going to Hell, deconstructing religious dogma


“If you don’t go to church, you are going to hell.”

When I first heard those words, I assumed the accuser was joking.  That is, until I realized I was the only one laughing.  Immediately I questioned him “Why would I got to hell for not going to church?”  With a tone in his voice as if I should know better, he answered “Because God gave you the choice to worship him, and if you don’t then you will go to hell.”  Taken aback by his response I immediately brought to the front of my mind all the knowledge I had acquired about religion.  Three things struck me as important.  The three common beliefs between all western-judea-christian religions are God is all powerful, God is all knowing, and God is all good.  The last being the most important.  Most anyone who knows me would be able to attest that I am a very good person.  If God were to decide to send me to hell, because I did not worship him, even though I am a good person; that would be an asshole move.  So God must be an asshole, but someone who is an asshole cannot possibly be considered “all good.”  Thusly, either whoever will send me to hell is not God, or God does not exist and I wont ever actually be sent to hell.  After explaining this argument the man was quite furious, after all I had just brought up the fact that his God may not actually exist.  Once again his rebuttal was based around  free will.  “God gave you free will, [the ability  to choose], and if you decide not to love him, then you will go to hell.”  I decided to produce my last and strongest argument.  If someone gives you a choice, and they are unhappy with your decision and even go as far as to punish you for this decision, then they did not really give you a choice at all.  In fact all they did was implement a form of coercion.  One who is coerced does not have the option of free will.



  1. If you love others and treat people well, I reckon God would be happy. I doubt he cares about if people go to church, because people can go to church and be very judgemental and not care about others (like this dude!). Who is he – God? Lol I guess it can encourage you in your faith sometimes BUT in reality, going to church doesn’t make you a anymore of a Christian than walking into a garage makes you a mechanic!

  2. Did you know that there is no mention of a “church” in the Bible anyway? So how can you go to hell for not going to “church”?

    I’m a good person because it makes me feel good to help others, not for some imaginary “fear” of God most people have.

  3. I don’t think that not going to Church will send you to Hell. Adams Sin is what sends People to Hell. God does not want anyone to go to Hell. We choose to go there when we are unwilling to admit we need a savior. It’s real simple. Do you think you can get there by being a nice person or by helping some old Lady across the street. No you can’t, if it were possible to get there by being good then tell me this. Why did God become Human Flesh “Jesus”, and Die. Did He do it to make us feel guilty so we would help old Ladies across the street. No. He did it to demonstrate his Love for you and me. The Bible says “that God so Loved the World, “that’s you and me” that He gave His only Son “as a sacrifice, In our stead” That whosoever believes in Him should not perish “go to Hell” but have everlasting Life.
    You don’t have to believe it. It’s not mandatory. God is still God even if you don’t. But Jesus really did die for you and me. I have accepted Him as my Savior and I know I don’t deserve it but I’m going to Heaven when I die, and I get to have wonderful conversations with The God who made everything out of nothing.
    By the way the Bible does use the word Church quite frequently, but it means the Church as a Body of Believers. Thanks for aliowing my Twit.

  4. I understand your solid point of why would a “Good God” create us with a “free will” then punish us for not choosing His way. The way God established mankind is 1st by making us “in His image”, Body, Soul & Spirit. He put us in a perfect environment, yet self will did exalt itself above God. Eve seeing that the “apple” was pleasing to eat, pleasing to the eye and could make her “like God” actually gave in to everything that the world has to offer, “the pride of life, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes”. All of them mentioned in 1st John 2:16. Now realize that man made the choice to allow these three temptations to overcome him and he fell or gave in to these temptations. By doing so “Satan” was given by man dominion or “power” here to rule. Jesus being a just God allows this dominion “for a time”. Now how can a truly just God solve this problem of one man bringing “sin” into the world to “all” mankind. Our God loved us so much that instead of allowing Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of “eternal life” he blocked it off by His Angles so that we would not live forever in a “fallen state”. Then He showed us through the law that we can’t do it. We can not uphold His law. We can never accomplish it. We are all guilty of breaking the ten commandments. Do not get confused by those that say the Do’s and Dont’s of the law. That is called legalism. We can not do it. So how is the problem solved? What are we to do if we are separated from this “so called’ loving God whom gave us this free will to chose what He said would be best for us yet we chose differently. Two five letter words solve the problem, “Jesus’ and the “cross”. In Matthew 5 Gos shows us through Jesus’ Words that the law is internal in every man. It is not written words on paper. The law is stamped on the heart of man. The written law has such a deep meaning that He reveals to us our deficiency. Read it! Now in order for “Us” to be redeemed or forgiven for our trespass against God, because we are of Adam and born in sin, read Psalm 51. Go provides a substitute or propitiation for our sin. That replacement has to be able to overcome the power of temptation and the power of the world and the power of Satan. That sacrifice can only be the death of a sinless being. Not just a man but God Himself revealed “in the flesh” of man. Walking the earth , Remember Genesis, ” the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, also quoted in 1st John 2:16 earlier. Well take a strong look at Matthew Chapter 4. You will notice that Satan tempted Jesus in every one of these areas, amazing connection from the old testament book of Genesis all the way to Jesus. The very desire that caused Eve to stumble was defeated by Jesus in the desert. But His perfect life was not enough. He had to die as a sacrifice given, are you ready for this? Given for the wrong of all mankind, past, present and future. Wow! Now “that” is a loving God. He gave us a perfect environment yet “we” turned from it. “We” said no to what God knew was best for us, then He made sure “we knew” we couldn’t do it on our own by bringing us the law. Then He took it to the ultimate level and God, “in the form of man” died in our place. He died the cruelest death ever created to pay the price for our sin. God did create us to worship and love Him, yet the environment of temptation and sin was not the intended environment. Satan was the one we can thank for that. John 3:16 ” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life”. Now the whole hell thing. Hell was created for the demons, “fallen angles that decided to follow Satan”. See Matthew 25:41. Those that follow Satan are turning away from God and accepting Satan’s lie “all the way back in the garden”. The best way to look at it is that we believe the “truth” of God through Christ Jesus or we turn away from Him and follow “our” path. which is actually no real path at all. It goes perfectly with the grain of this world since it is “of” the world. To choose Christ is to go against the “world” which is dominated by Satan. Matthew 7:14. I can truly say I love you man. I can also truly say you’ve heard the truth. Now!!! What are you going to say?

    I.H.S. Bob Wilson

  5. Wow. Very brave of you to post on this topic. What’s the next topic? Politics?

    I didn’t even read the last comment. Aside from being way to long, it quotes the bible, which requires a certain amount belief that the scriptures are to be taken literally. That type of belief just doesn’t exist for anyone who knows anything about the origin of the many stories in the bible. I know it sounds harsh, but then so does someone telling you that your going to hell because you don’t belong to a certain “God Club” or you don’t believe that Jesus was magic.

    Over all I agree with you. If God wants to set people up to see if they’ll fail, then God sucks.

    Nice website! Way better than many of my fellow graphic design colleagues. Where did you get this cool blog application?

  6. Hi! You just started following me on Twitter, and I found your blog while trying to know a bit more on who you are. Man, your pictures are great! Congratulations! I´m an amateur photographer myself and couldn’t stop digging into your blog, until I found this post, that really made me think. I’m also a long time engineer, so I can understand your logic. But I also have to tell, there are some assumptions on it that probably took you in a direction that may be not as solid as you would believe… no offense here, please. So here comes my arguments. I’ll try not using Bible references; as someone has already mentioned, using these references are only valid if we both believe on them, and this seams not to be the case. So, here they come! 3 quick points.

    1- Once a professor I had in College (a convict atheist, by the way) told me “If there is a God, Hell can be described as the absence of him”. He nailed it! If what you told is true, God is all good, so all good things start from him. Even your nice pictures are a reflex of reminiscences him, his creativity, impregnated on you as you were created.

    2- We, people, on the other had, we are not all good… actually, far from it! We may even try to do good things, even go to church, but this will not make as in essence “good people”. I cannot stop from thinking on the “bad omelet” metaphor. Even if most of the eggs are good, one single bad egg make the whole omelet bad. And we all have our “bad eggs”, no exceptions. And if we agree on that, there is no way we will be able to get even close to God, even close to Heaven. There is absolutely nothing we can do to deserve Heaven. Logical consequence? We are all doomed! Destined to be apart of God, what is, to the logic of my professor, Hell. All of us, no exceptions.

    3- For this last one, a small bit of faith is required… don’t worry, a very small bit, the size of a mustard seed 🙂 Here it is: We have to believe Jesus really existed, that he is the only son of God. We have to believe he lived a perfect life (no bad eggs) so he is the only one that deserves to be back with God. We have to believe that even though being righteous, he died the death we deserved, so we could be reconnected with God.

    So, here came my logic: God is all good; we are all bad. Noting we can do will change that. Only if we add Jesus sacrifice to this equation there is hope.

    Hope I helped…

    Ricardo Barbosa (@rlabarbosa)

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