Posted by: quilnib | December 2, 2008

The Cure for Morning Breath

bad_breathThe subject of morning breath is something we are all familiar with, it’s in television, it’s in books, it’s even in your girlfriends mouth.  I recently discovered a “cure” for morning breath that is so simple you could almost call it cheating.  My nightly regiment used to consist of brushing my teeth with my Crest pro-health toothpaste followed by a quick rinse of Orajel mouthwash.  Well, at a recent visit to the dentist he suggested that I should try rinsing my mouth with salt water at night to help keep my gums healthy.  I have previously used salt water gargling for such things as sore throats so I was already over the “fear” that most people have when they initially hear the idea.  A few days after adding the salt water rinse to my nightly regiment I realized that my mouth no longer seemed to have any hint of that morning “funk” that we are all familiar with and realized that it was due to the salt water.  I was surprised to realize that simply rinsing my mouth with salt water at night could solve such an age old problem.  It’s really simple to do and if you haven’t done it before just follow these simple steps and you’ll be just fine.

Salt water rinse/cure for morning breath:

1. Fill a cup or mug at least half way with decently warm water( cold water will not work)

2. Stir in enough salt in to make the water cloudy( too much salt is better than not enough)

3. Pour some of your concoction in your mouth and go to town with swishing it around, you can even include some gargling.

4. After about ten seconds or so spit it out and take another swig.  Keep spitting and swigging until the water is gone or until you have rinsed at least three times.  That’s it!

If you are worried about the taste, don’t be.  I have found that if I do the salt water rinse after using mouthwash I can’t even taste the salt.  And, if you are a particularly cheap individual you can always “borrow” a salt shaker from your local cafeteria or fast food resturant.  Trust me, your significant other will be thanking you with extra kisses in the morning, you just have to hope they don’t have morning breath either 😉



  1. Great post! I’ll have to give it a try tomorrow before bed.

  2. An old time remedy that works well is to eat a little fresh parsely. Cardomen seeds are also effective at get rid of bad breath.

  3. Wonderful post. I think I will be trying this tonight before bed.

  4. An old time remedy that works well is to eat the head of a chicken and hang the chicken feet over your bed to chase away chicken fearing bad breath demons. 😉

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