Posted by: ClassicTim | January 18, 2009

Cooking in your dorm 101

When most people think of college food they think of Ramen Noodles.  An extremely cheap food enjoyed by most of us in the college community.  I’m here to tell you the easiest way to prepare Ramen in your dorm room.

The easiest and best way to cook Ramen has been something I have been working on for a long time, and I can finally say that I have discovered the perfect process.  There are only two things necessary for accomplishing all of your Ramen cooking needs.  First, an electric water kettle.  Electric water kettles are probably one of the most useful items you could ever have in a dorm room, and I’ll discuss further uses for them in a moment.  One of the best things about an electric water kettle is that because of how they work most dorms do not have rules against having them in your room, another great thing is that you can usually buy them for between $15-25.  I bought mine (same as pictured) for about $20 at Target.  The second item you will need for your Tamen is a Ziploc Twist ‘n Lock tupperware container.  These can usually be found for about $3.50 or so at your local grocery store.  I have included pictures of each of these items to ensure clarity.

ziploc container twist n lock

Here are the 5 simple steps to cook your Ramen:


1. Flip the switch on the electric water kettle to begin the boiling process (it should only take a couple of minutes)

2. Break the Ramen into quarters and place in Ziplock container (I recommend doing this in the container to reduce mess)

3. When Water kettle is finished pour your now boiling water into Ziplock container until Ramen barely begins to float off the bottom

4. Screw cap on tightly and wait until noodles are cooked to desired amount.

5. Stir in desired flavor packet and your done.

The screw on cap of the Ziplock container traps the heat and cooks your food with the hot water and excess steam.  The container is also extremely easy to clean afterward.  This process can be used to cook many different types of food including oatmeal and mac ‘n cheese.  Along with cooking food, your electric water kettle can be used for making hot beverages such as tea, and hot chocolate.  It can also be used for purposes of cleaning, where hot water can be extremely useful.

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  1. I cook Yakisoba noodles in my room. 🙂 Yummy.

  2. GENIUS! that is such a good idea!

  3. Great post, but how about posting some easy to do ramen improvement recipes. cooking in your dorm 102, add an egg for a cheap addition of some protein to the ramen diet, etc.

    • That’s the plan. I’ll be introducing simple upgrades to improve your ramen soon.

  4. an excellent idea and i appreciate the visual aids. but perhaps – for those who are dumb enough that they actually need directions about how to make ramen – a video of you actually making the ramen would be welcome : )

    love your blog and your writing, quilnib ; )

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