Posted by: quilnib | April 5, 2009

Negotiating skills- getting out of trouble and into the good life

In order to get anything in life one must possess a certain set of skills.  One of these skills is known as the art of negotiating.  Sadly, being able to properly negotiate is one skill most people lack.  I’ve recently broken down a list of some of the most important nuances of negotiation along with a few exercises you can use to improve your skills.  I’m going to turn this into several posts, but here is something to start you off.

First things first, Confidence.  Confidence alone will usually get you what you want.  There are a few greats ways to increase your confidence.  If you want to imporve your ability to make decisions confidently try these two exercises out for two days each.

Exercise1:Every time someone asks you a question such as “what movie do you want to watch” or “what would you like to eat” do not reply with an “I don’t know, what do you want.”  Instead make a decision right then and there.  Don’t worry about the other person being unhappy with your decision, if they actually have an opinion contrary to yours they will let you know and you can decide on something else.

Exercise2:When you are walking down the sidewalk, the hallway of a building, or wherever there are people, try to make eye contact with someone and do your best to not be the one who breaks it first.  Don’t be creepy about it either, just give them a smile or a nod and you’ll be fine, but do your best to keep the eye contact until they break it.

I’ve seen people become immensely more confident in themselves with these two exercises alone within a matter of weeks.  They really work great.

Simply asking for what it is you want is a highly successful tool.  Most people are too afraid to ask, so they are never able to get what they want.

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