Posted by: quilnib | July 1, 2008

New muslces

The lighting isn’t the greatest, but here is a quick view of the progress i have made lifting in the last few month.  I’ve been in and out of the weight room a lot, but I’m still happy with my results so far.

Check out Transmortification for some examples of how I looked before I started working out this year.

Posted by: quilnib | June 12, 2008

Iowa Summer Flooding

Just a quick update for everyone.  The river that runs behind my dorm for the summer is currently at 29ft and still rising.  It is considered a flood when it reaches 12ft.  The dorms wont be hit with the flood even if it goes far beyond the predicted peak height.  Read More…

Posted by: quilnib | June 11, 2008

And the summer begins

I’m halfway through my week long training for my summer long job. I can’t believe how much more boring the training is the second time around. My birthday came and went this last Monday and I received a ton more birthday wishes than I expected, which was a nice surprise. I’m happy to report that the staff this year seems very promising, partially because most of the staff members are returning from previous years and also because no one seems to be too reserved to be able to get along with the students. It should be a good summer.

I am already suffering from Read More…

Haha, I love these cards. A “socially deviant teddy-bear” friend of mine commented on a blog of his about a lady friend he is pursuing and I realized I haven’t said anything about my current attempts for a lady friend of my own. For some reason I was crazy lucky and ended up sitting next to an amazing girl this semester in my Sociology class. The first thing she said to me this semester was something along the lines of “This class is so easy and boring.” That was actually the most perfect thing she could have said, because most people complain that a class is too hard rather than too easy and I was feeling the exact same way about the class. I was even lucky enough to put together a study group with her and two other students in my class before the first test, which then happened before every test. Anyway, I finally got up the nerve to ask her out for coffee and she said Read More…

I figured it was finally time to finish that spring break story. I’ve got the audio of Tim Ferriss’s latest video going in the background and I would rather not just watch TV all night, so it’s time to blog. Be warned, this is LONG.

My return trip was supposed to be a 10:30pm flight out of San Francisco to Vegas, then a 1:30am flight from Vegas to Minneapolis, take a shuttle from there and get back to school in time to take a quick nap before going to class that day. It was all lined up perfectly, so of course it didn’t work out.
My itinerary said that I would be flying out of San Francisco on US Airways (operated by United), so I figured that going to the US Airways counter was the right thing to do. I get up to the check-in terminal and when I’m about half-way through getting my tickets printed I ask the person behind the counter a question about my bags. I wasn’t sure if my bags would be transfered to my next flight or not because my next flight was with a different airline. They didn’t answer my question, they did however tell me that I was in the wrong place. Read More…

After getting back to the airport I prepared myself for a long day of waiting. My flight didn’t leave until 7pm and I got to the airport around 11am. I didn’t want to walk around all day with my bags so I got in line to check my bags and get my tickets. When I got to the front I was informed of a wonderful policy that does not allow you to check your bags more than three hours before your flight. So I grabbed my bags and found a nice little corner to sit and read a book. I started the book High Fidelity the night before and ended up finishing it within a 24 hour period. I spend almost the entire day sitting and reading, waiting until I could finally check my bags and pass through security. Read More…

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A few short weeks ago I started working out again. It had been quite some time since I had last worked out and I was feeling rather soft and chunky. I promised you before that I would post some before and after pictures so here they finally are. The first four are the before pictures (the ones where I am wearing the white shorts), then the afters. The changes aren’t dramatic, but I’m happy with them. Enjoy!

– I added a few more pictures and I’ve put the dates on the bottom of some of the newer ones.

My spring break started off rather boring. Like most colleges mine kicked me out of my dorm on Friday, but my flight wasn’t until Monday night. So they let me stay in one of the lounges of another dorm building for a few days. After an extremely boring Friday night I decided that I could not stay another two and a half days and started to plan my escape. However, escape plans usually take a little while to fall into place. So, after discovering that the largest study lounge in the building had all of the furniture removed for some reason and also possessed a large hard wood floor, I practiced karate kicks and hand stands for an entire day (I can still be a kid at heart). My sides were very sore the next morning. I woke up Sunday morning at 7am got ready for the day and proceeded to walk to the Ramada Inn, there (after having breakfast) I boarded a shuttle bus for the airport. After arriving at the airport at about 11 I went to the ground transportation area and got a ticket for the next shuttle to Mankato (some of you may know where this is going) leaving at 3pm. Read More…

Posted by: quilnib | March 11, 2008

A Chocolate Diversion

I decided earlier today that I needed a hair cut. Several people told me that there was a place on Water street I could go to. I found two of them and neither was open. It was only 5pm and they were already closed (or in one case, remodeling). So I found a way to treat myself so the trip didn’t feel like a total loss…

I ate the purply/red one (bottom right corner) first, because I had no idea what it is so I figured I would start with a clean pallet and maybe I could guess it. There was a very soft chocolate center that seemed to have a mixture of raspberry, cherries, and a hint of lemon.
Read More…

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Coming soon, The New and Imporved Tim…

I think I mentioned in the last post that I started to work out again. Well I actually remembered to take pictures this time before I started working out. I’m not going to post them until I have some “after” photos that look really good, but so far after only two weeks into it I’m looking rather impressive. So all my loyal readers (I’m pretty sure this only amounts to about two people) should be looking forward to some before and after photos and probably a video in the next few weeks. I’ll also share my workout on here. Some of my dress shirts already don’t fit as well as they used to. That’s ok, by the end of the next few weeks I’ll look better without a shirt than I would with one 🙂 haha, I have to be able to joke at least a little don’t I?

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